Elon musk vs pocahontas


I love Elon.


I love his barbs more than Trumps. But honestly I doubt it has any effect on politicians like Warren. She’s virtue signaling to her base. She doesn’t believe anything she is saying but that’s not what’s important. Elon giving her attention probably helps her cause. She will call him a white supremacist and prejudiced against Native Americans.


His crypto shit pissed me off but his anti government libertarian takes are boss.

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He should be careful. Congressional democrats are insane. No telling what they could do to Elon.

Elon is worth 300 billion. They better keep their heads down. That kind of campaign money would remove every single one of them.

By God I hope so.

I’m sorry, I forgot what we were talking about . . .


The force of government is kind of overwhelming which is why the Founders tried to limit their power.

Look at what they did to the Hunt brothers.

Very true. I know of her now because of this.

No such thing as bad publicly