Elon Musk's net worth dropped by over $100B this year

Show me the product roadmap at Twitter over last 10 years?

They did a little work on their API? what else? who the fuck knows. Upgraded some infrastructure? maybe?!? who knows.

Everything has been about keeping the lights on for a long time now at Twitter.

People talk so much shit about Zuck but look at the fucker and facebook… they are constantly adding new features, buying new companies and integrating them, disrupting new spaces… constantly evolving at a super fast pace.

I just don’t see what Elon plans to do that is so revolutionary.

What facebook does isnt revolutionary either… when I say evolving it doesn’t mean it needs to be revolutionary. Just means its changing. They are always adding things, always buying companies, always integrating, always updating their tech.

If Twitter did anything over last 10 years all of it was in the backend that made little difference to the end user. They did what they had to do to keep the lights on, thats all.

Meanwhile Facebook bought instagram, whatsapp, oculus + probably around 50 other companies you’ve never heard of… added marketplace, gaming, podcasts, chat, live streaming, did a shitload of work in analytics and advertising to become the 2nd largest advertising platform on the planet.

In that same timespan twitter has done a couple small design changes, acquired a couple companies they basically threw away and didn’t use their tech and work on their api a bit.

Lol… they did nothing and made no money.

He’ll be fine. the pleebs hate on him without critical thought. You don’t get to be the richest man in the world without teams of high output brains around you and having a bulletproof strategy for everything you do. This dude won’t lose. Tesla will take flight again soon, Twitter will likely crush every other US based media and info outlet, Space X will keep innovating in ways NASA couldn’t dream of and The Boring Company will likely close a couple of the several deals they are working on and probably go public in 5 years. Musk could eat a bowl of alpha bits and shit out more coherent ideas than most americans spew from their dick holsters. Don’t cry for him. Him and his 78 kids will be fine.

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