Elon says Americans are lazy bums….and he’s not wrong

It’s fine if someone wants to spend time with their family but of course they shouldn’t get paid as much as someone who is equally skilled and is willing to work longer hours.

Work life balance is fine but they deserve less pay than someone who works longer hours, everything else being equal.

Well, he was talking about making 17.50 around 20 years ago not today.

You can very much have product moving down a line and vision systems checking for irregular parts and have them kicked from the line. Is that practical for every application, certainly not. Robots can also QC certain things, again simple scale and not every application.

And yes you need a body to tool and program them, but thats one body for who knows how many robots performing jobs. There are even robots that can be preprogrammed with routes to move carts of product the the next process in different areas of the facility.

We can thank our public education system for making these adults useless bums

China’s problem is they lack the creativity and free thinking to create. They have the worker bee mindset but are unable to push the world forward. They are amazing at stealing and recreating, then able to use their forced work labor to pound it out at the fraction of the price the rest of the world can.


the same public education system that is now banning textbooks and letting parents dictate curriculum? nah what can be so bad about that

Most parents who “dictate” curriculum want nothing more than Science, Math, English/Grammar, etc……

There’s a reason why we continually fall behind other industrialized nations as it relates to educating our future generations. Lol at parents not being involved in their child’s growth and learning.