Elvis and BJJ NZ Nationals

Just wanted to say thanks to “The King” for coming over to NZ and helping out with our BJJ NZ nationals. I had the extreme luck to be able to spend a couple of days with Elvis and it really only reinforced my respect and admiration for the man.

Elvis is one of the most helpful and friendly people I have ever met. The guy can make friends with anyone, small children in lifts, checkout operators, airport check-in staff, people in the street and multitudes of random BJJ’ers.

Without Elvis on hand, the draws for our competition would have been a shambles. Also his assistance in the refereeing and running of the comp was invaluable, and above and beyond what he came to NZ for. Elvis’s knowledge of all aspects of the BJJ game and administration made him a huge asset on the day.

Elvis also ran a seminar on Sunday that was attended by about 35 kiwis. Everyone was blown away with the stuff he presented and there was something for everyone who attended, from new White Belts to the Purple and Brown, Elvis managed to cater for everyone. Elvis truly is a tremendous ambassador for Machado Australia!

On a personal level I got to roll with Elvis before the seminar. Now I’m considering a move to Australia, talk about having your arse handed to you, I really thought I’d last longer than I did, but unfortunately Elvis had other plans. I was tapping like Fred Astaire in seconds. A fantastic experience and one that I will gladly repeat again!

Anyway, anyone interested can check the results and images from the comp and seminar at the Will – Machado BJJ NZ site. BJJ NZ www.bjj.co.nz

GSW where was my invite for the BJJ Nationals???

no one told us they were even on???

Nationals huh?

Just read your website and found out it was the Will Machado BJJ Nationals, now i understand why i was not invited ;-(

Come on guy's, you know if it was a "Nationals" you'd be on the top of the invite list. ( As the wibbler is still away)

But no this was for us guy's sorry. It went so well I'm really thinking of an open one just to see how it would pan out.

I'll keep you informed of any developments.

well no point in inviting the wibbler even if he was here as he is pretty useless haha.

i think there is a SJJ tournament in august in wellington. I am sure we will come down that weekend, a few fights and some beer all good.

Now there's a good idea.  Then I could come out for that one too.  :)

I had a great time.  I was treated absolutely fantastically by the Kiwi's.  It was a real pleasure and I really look forward to coming back.  Everyone was very eager to learn and that's something I really appreciate.

Well done guys.