Elvis and groupies after the fight



Agh the life of a superstar. Bet she put out to .... :)


I liked the way the webcast finished.
Fighters,officials and wannabees on one side of the ring and Elvis heading for the ring girls on the other.

Yeh looks like he scored good lol :P

It's good to be the King... :)

Ummmmmmm, yeah, how about I post some shots of the King getting KO'ed at the afterparty by his friend 'Mr Tequila'???

Or how about the ring girl hottie that was chasing him up after the show and he couldn't be bothered following up on......

Sheesh!!!! (slaps forehead).......

l;ol the 6 ft one?

there was a 6ft one?!?! sob

LOL all of them were tall