Elvis get Black Belt! Congrats!!!

Just heard the great news....

Elvis "The King of Rock & Rumble" Sinosic just received his Black Belt from John Will at the Machado BJJ seminar!!!

Congratulations Elvis you champion!!!

Sweet! Congrats, Elvis.

Wow, Congrats to Elvis!

Congrats Shlotzky



congrats Elvis!!

Excellent! Congrats to Elvis!

Thanx guys. It was a real honour to finally get my Black Belt. Lots of years of hard work and training. I enjoyed every second of it.

Can't let this go without thanking the guys who made it possible. John Will for bringing BJJ to Australia and setting up the Machado Association. Anthony Lange, my first coach, for his years of guidance and instruction. Anthony Perosh, friend, training and business partner, without whom I wouldn't be the fighter I am today. His constant drive to improve helped me along. And last, but definitely not least, my students for their unswerving loyalty and dedication to learn and improve.

I would also like to thank my sponsors, Showdown Fightwear, Fairtex, Musashi and LFS.


WOW! Congratulations, man!!

Then go get your own.

Congrats Elvis!

Do you plan on competing in the mundials or other tournaments? Any NHB coming up?

Congrats Elvis.

Excellent work Elvis! That is one helluva accomplishment!

Awesome Elvis; good for you!

Elvis, that is awesome!! Congratulations, where from now?


I definitely plan to compete more. I'd like to do ADCC, Mundial and MMA. Let the promoters out there know that I am ready to Rock n Rumble!


Congratulations Elvis all the best from myself and Integrated Martial Arts Australia.

good stuf! another Aussie BJJ BB!

Congrats :)