elvis KOs werdem in UFC...

so he cought the king in a kimura.....it happens.....a UFC match would be VERY different! werdem looked VERY scared vs. andre....with elvis ALMOST 1st to KO bizping EVER I think it would be NAP TIME for werdem....that is if they could find him....wheres werdem??? Lol.

ummmm -8

Um ok..

Anyway, is there some cool compilation of the action from ADCC this year? On youtube/dailymotion or anything??? Anywhere else maybe?

LOL... nice screen name... :-)

ttt for elvis!

elvis what's next?


Actually he got a straight armlock with a figure four grip. You get that.

At the moment, rest and recovery (came down with the flu after UFC 70 and still trying to get over it). Then I'll have a look at my options over the next couple of weeks.



Elvis Rocks !

TTT for Elvis

I like Elvis too....but I don't follow. Cocaine is one hell of a drug!

Nah, it's Winter down here, the start of it no less.. I just had a flu for a couple of weeks myself.

TTT Elvis vs. Werdum

Good fight since both are coming off of losses. ZUFFA make it happen.

are they not in different weight classes?

TTT for Elvis vs. Verdoom !

Isn't Werdum the guy with the vicious slap?

In a pancrase match, I like Werdum.

Honestly I like Elvis but get wit it! Werdum despite his last performance is the man. He beat Erikson and Aleks with ease and also took out Jon Olav OVereem Gonzaga and Zentsov. Plus the guy has only ever lost by decision and two were pretty close.

Better standing and on the ground to me. Oh and he has never been KO and I would NOT pick elvis to break that streak...sorry king. :(

No need to apologise to me. :-) Everyone has a right to there own opinion and I didn't start this thread. I just thought I'd pop in.


If I can fight in the big shows I will. I mean that's the goal of every fighter.  But when I'm not in the big shows, I still fight in the smaller shows. As long as I feel it's a challenging match up. My last match prior to the UFC was Cage Rage and before that it was Xplosion.  At the moment I am still contracted to the UFC.