Elvis retirement?????

This question is for Elvis any thoughts on retirement now after another bad loss in the UFC can u keep on taking punishment ????

When are you fighting in the UFC next smartass.

it's a legitimate question not being smart just lookin at the cold hard facts without any emotion.

If this was any other fighter people would be saying it's time to retire or go down to smaller shows.

Have a good look at the stats without wearing your friend/training partner/coaches glasses on and u will see i'm not trolling just asking a simple question.

well elvis is 36 according to the bio, so he isnt a spring chicken anymore. not that age can be used as an excuse, randy is much older and is still performing at the highest level.

it has been said before, elvis is a very good b level fighter, but just doesnt seem to have the physical abilities to make it in the top level of fighters. its no slight on him as a fighter, not everyone can be the best.

i guess all elvis can do is keep training, and im sure promoters will still keep him on their fighter lists

Hooks guard maybe better idea any thoughts from anyone who has the knowledge?????

A/ The ONLY guard in MMA should be a high guard..period. You
shouldn't be playing a guard game in MMA now unless you have a
guard like Aoki.

B/ Double wrist control is useless unless you have super hard & strong

I really wanted Elvis to beat Bisping too. I think Bisping is way too
hyped. He's got a long way to go.

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So should he change tactics and training or retire??

Looks like the M.E.N Arena has claimed another Aussie.
First Kostya, now Elvis.

Surprising to see just how little support Elvis has had from his normally very vocal bunch of local fans.

Was this his most definitive defeat yet, or, like Kostya, does a beating like that, at this stage of his career signal a reasonable time to retire ?

Will we see a diet and exercise book/DVD pack from Elvis soon as he transitions into a new phase in his life perhaps ?

TheTankEngine, are you suggesting Elvis goes on Dancing With The Stars????

Hey, if he gets an offer...

While I'm sure he wouldn't be a fan of the fashions, it's gotta be an easier way to get some TV time then last weekend.

Didn't Kostya get to the finals or something ?

^^^^Yeah Kostya did......and Kostya ROCKS!!!! would put Dela Hoya or Mayweather in their place... especially Mayweather running his mouth off at MMA... i rate the dude but that ain't cool.

i said this shit a couple of fights ago and got abused, now look at the turn around.....

SS, I recall you bringing up anti-Elvis stuff and getting grief for it.

I've been checking back here since Sunday, amazed at the deafening silence from all the normally very vocal Elvis supporters. I guess in true Aussie style they're right behind him, while he's winning (or in with a chance)

There were even "work" threads on the main forum that no "team Elvis" folks jumped on to defend him or anything.

Maybe the internet just isn't working in SPMA territory ?

I've been giving props to Elvis in all the shyte threads.

The guy always put on a good show. Win, lose or draw.

This time, he lost. It happens. I don't think anyone's gonna slit their wrists in a fit of depression.

"The standard old double wrist control closed guard just isn't viable in modern MMA these days, IMO."

Someone better tell nog that.

"Hooks guard maybe better idea any thoughts from anyone who has the knowledge"

U could ask royler, he might still be a bit groggy from genki knocking him silly when he used it though.

"The ONLY guard in MMA should be a high guard..period. You shouldn't be playing a guard game in MMA now unless you have a guard like Aoki."

The only viable guard is the one that a fighter can use effectively.

"I guess in true Aussie style they're right behind him, while he's winning (or in with a chance)"


Elvis looked very confident and calm walking to the cage.

I got a little worried when he started walking around and punching the posts- was he punch drunk before the fight?

Anyway- he came back from a beating and put bisping in trouble with a great knee and sub attempt. Just didnt have the gas I suppose.

Was a good performance against the favourite.

Must have only been about 10 of us in the whole arena cheering for Elvis. Must be hard to have that many people against you. :(

Im suprised he answered the call for round 2. He was worked on for the entire interval by the doctors and the cut guy.
Had the 1st round started like the 2nd, could have been a different story though.

""Someone better tell nog that."
Nog tends to favour an open guard with shins in the biceps over a
closed guard. He also has the grip strength of a gorilla."

Exactly!,..it works for Nog so it should work for Elvis?..na ah.. Fedor
throws big wide loose punches,..I guess everybody should be doing
that to? What works for the top few exceptions will not work for all.

I like Elvis and anybody will tell you I favour the guard myself when
rolling,..but in MMA?..F@#K no!..being in the guard is no defense
nowadays. Being a bjj player myself,.I hate to burst your bubble too but
it's the truth..


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Either Open or Hooks would probably be best..

However, I think the main problem for Elvis was the fact that he wasn't breaking down the posture of Bisping. You can't go for one sub attempt and then just lay them, head straight up....Sometimes attack is the best form of defense as well from the guard. If Elvis kept working attacking more (subs and sweeps) I very much doubt Bisping would have been able to land a quarter of the shots he landed.

It's not like he doesn't know this stuff either, he's one of Australias best on the ground. His guard is magic from what I've seen and heard in submission tourneys.

Can't question the man's heart though, he's as tough as nails.

Only got one thing to say. The UFC thought he was worthy of the match. He was there. Anybody else on this forum had a UFC contract lately?????

He also hangs out on MMA.TV with the rest of us nobodies and is a great contributor. He should only be congratulated for putting it on the line once again.