Elvis+Rubber Guard=Win vs Bisping?

Let's be honest, the ONLY reason Elvis lost to Bisping was related to exhaustion. He was dogtired.

Had he not been so tired, the win would have easily been his in that second round.

Would he have saved himself some pain and some energy if he had utilized rubber guard principles in the first round, rather than the old (and failed) BJJ method of closed guard defense? I think the answer is clearly yes.

Now, having established this, you really have to wonder how many other fights would have had a different outcome had the rubber guard been used. Think about it.

Considering he is a BJJ Black Belt you'd think his guard would have been alot more dangerous. It appeared non-existant against Bisping. A better guard and I really think Elvis would have gotten the W.

I acutally picked Elvis to win that fight.

Elvis was one less shot to the face away from finishing the fight with a Kimura from north-south.

Good post.

Elvis doesn't have a good guard for the modern MMA game. Five years ago? Different story.

I need to see a replay. It was indeed strange the way the hold just sort of went away.

Isn't the idea to go in close to the head to block them from swinging out and undoing the kimura?

I think that was a joking post, Dafelst. That's certainly how I read it.

I think he was pretty active with his guard. Just played it to loose. I dont know why people dont try to walk there legs up the guys back to a high closed guard. Trap a shoulder and go for attacks that way. I see that a lot where the guy on top had his head down on the other guys chest and the guy from bottom does'nt try to keep him down by walking his legs up his back. I also like the rubber too.. Elvis was playing guard like strikes were'nt allowed or something. To loose!!

Even if you don't go for attacks, it's still better to do that.

You guys need to lay off the haterade. How many people in MMA have active good defensive guards?! Seriously. Are we watching the same MMA fights? No doubt Elvis took a beating and the amount of punishment could have been decreased to an extent. But Elvis's guard was not that much different from most MMA fighters with the exception of a BJ Penn or a Noguiera (who suffered beatings from his guard at the hands of Fedor).

Elvis has a bad guard. Rubber guard or not, he needs to improve it. But he did not do so since the last time he got smashed from the guard. For a BJJ black belt his stand up looked better than his ground game.

I like Elvis.

But getting gassed after 5 min????? I have not seen the whole fight.

his black belt is legit but his cardio for this fight?????????

He was 'gassed' from the damage that he took in the first.

"People who seem to think that you can just use the Rubber Guard at will, apparently have little BJJ experience....It offers no special powers, nor can it be used in every single scenario."

Yeah, it was the punches in the face that wore him out. Doesn't matter how in shape you are if that happens. Trust me.

Rubber guard is just a thing for ALL to experiment with.