Elvis Sinosic ?? TKO ??

Has TKO ever thought about bringing back Elvis Sinosic ???

I'm sure i'm not the only Elvis fan in Canada.

Elvis is great !

Well....except for his one win in the UFC I'm not too fond of... ;(

We recently interviewed Elvis for MMAFighting.com as part of our "Getting to Know..." feature. Check it out in the upcoming weeks.

I don't know about TKO but the UCC worked hard to bring Elvis back after UCC 1. He was actually slated to face Brazils Magno Penha in (I think) UCC 3 but Magno became very ill. We also had worked on having him face Jeremy Horn in the UCC but the UFC liked our matchmaking and booked that bout. I for one would love to see the E mang back in Canada!!!


I still have my Elvis T from Showdown that I have yet
to wear. I'm keeping it for a special occasion.