Elvis Surgery

Just a quick question for Elvis.
I read on BJJ.Com.Au that you recently had knee surgery and now your back strong as ever. I am going for knee surgery soon and am hopeing I can get back into training. I was just wondering if you could tell me what your surgery was and anything else that can boost my motivation.


Tim Tam


I had an arthroscopy last year. I had a bakers cyst which they drained. I had the back of my knee cap cleaned up and a few other bits and pieces fixed. Not too major. Was off the mats for about 4 weeks. Started off slowly and got back into it. I was a bit lax with some of regular excersizes and I'm noticing it now. I'm going back to square one and fixing the problem. Make sure you see a physio and do a proper recovery plan (excersizes etc) and you'll have no problems at all.

What sort of surgery are you having?


Hi Rich,

good luck with the surgery, mate. Hope you're back on the matts fully recovered in as short a time as possible... we really need some practice kneeing guys in the head :)



Bad news for me.
I tore all three ligaments in my knee which means I am out for a long long time. However you have to positive about these things so in ayear or so I'll be back on the matts. Infact I have been researching about athletes in such conditions, apparently you can get very high benefits from visualising training sessions and so forth. You build the mind and the body will follow.
Thanks for the remainder about the knee to the head Tim!!
Thanks for the reply Elvis.
(Hello to all the guys in ACT underground)

Hey Rich, what did you do to your knee? was it at training or ADFA stuff?

Sounds like you'll need a reco on the knee. That's bad, but not as bad as it once would have been. I know people who've had reco's and have been back on light training after 6 months. That seems like a long time (now) but compared to a few years ago it's nothing. Make sure that you follow your surgeons advice (make sure you get a good one, do a little research). Make sure you also get a good physio and keep up the appointments and your program.

So what did you do to tear all of your ligaments?

Good luck with it all and keep us updated.


I got a recon on thursday. The doctor said he was very happy with the operation. I have the added bonus of being in the military so I have phsyios and all sorts of freebees to help me recover. How I did it was i decided to have a go at playing rugby union. I was having a great time hurting people and just getting smashed.
WHat went wrong was that I have never before worn studs, so I was just running with the ball, i went to step, my foot stuck unexpectedly and my knee twisted. Slowely followed by about five guys landing on me. While I was still warm i was able to walk on it, then I cooled down and went to walk into the hospital and my knee collapsed and I was stuck lyeing on the pavement very embarressed.
The nurses have all said their surprised with the amount of movement I already have considering my surgery was 2 days ago. So I am having a positive outlook that this will be a major but not permanent hurdle in my training.

Hey Big D. Fil me in what has been happening. Who has fought, who has won, who has lost, is Ben still alive?!?

Cheers for the feed back Elvis.

If you guys started using weapons like I showed you...........you wouldn't have all these injuries.........LOL!!!!!!

Good luck with the rehab tim tam!

I was reading about a guy who snapped his ACL while skiiing and was also into martial arts. His story was that after a few days he just continued training hard. He decided after 4 weeks of falling over cause his knee kept collapseing he decided to have surgery. By the time the cut him open his ACL was gone!! Anyway this guy reckons that after the surgery, it took a while but he is doing things now on it that he was not able to do before in the field of twisting and turning. Anyone else got any tales about knee recon and success or failure stories?!?

abit off topic, but interesting none the less. Apparently the doctor who did surgery on Minotauro's knee said he has ligaments twice the size of a normal person.

That does not surprise me. The doctor told me that I had very large ligaments and it must have been a hell of a twist to rip them all!!

Glad to hear that it is all working out well. Keep us updated with your progress. I know some guys who've come out better after surgery (and recovery) than they were before. But then again, I know some that got better but then went and did the other knee... ;)

"If you guys started using weapons like I showed you...........you wouldn't have all these injuries.........LOL!!!!!!"

LOL, yeah just little holes that bleed alot but are easy to patch up right? ;)


Cheers for the motivation Elvis. Totally off the topic...does anyone else think Raymond is crazy as hell?!?...:)

I don't think that... I know it... ;)


Me......Crazy!?!?!......Nah!!!......just eccentric :-)

Hope all goes well with the recovery.

I agree with Ray. Also now that Timtam's out, that makes me Raymond's No. 1 Canberran Amateur beginner knife fighter, right? hehehehe
pick you up around 4 Rich,


Your dreaming Cook!!

Mate, rugby will do that to you! I kickboxed comps for 5 straight years with no injuries (other than cuts, bruises, small stuff etc...), and then went back to union. In those next 5 years, I broke the left leg, right arm, nose twice, ko'd 4 times (only twice fighting), slipped a disc, ruptured an eye socket and the final one was snap all three ligaments in the right knee....
Does take 6 months hard physio, but you'll be fine after that.
Now the injuries just come from all those deviant positions my missus puts me in..................
Good luck with the rehab