Elvis Surgery

"snap all three ligaments in the right knee"

I am pretty sure there are considered to be 4 ligaments in the knee- LCL, MCL, PCL and ACL(the one people usually get reconstructed if ruptured). Well that is in a normal knee anyway, i only have 3 left in my left knee.

I'm sorry you hurt your knee Elvis :(

I'm also sorry Paulo hurt his knee :(

I'm really sorry knees are so so vulnerable in this sport.

There seems to be a lot of kneed going around... ;)


Hey Dave,

You sound like you did the same thing to your knee as me. COuld you tell me exactly how you do now on it? The doctors reckon I will have 80 percent the strenth at best which to me is bad news!! Any insight?

Hey Tim, Mate you have to stick to the physio religiously and build your muscle around the surrounding areas for support. Is yours a self healer or a transplant? If they just did a arthroscopy, then with some good physio and gym work you'll be fine. I dont have mma experiance, so cannot comment on how the knee would hold up in that sport, but im still kickboxing(training), playing squash twice a week and running, and the only thing that happens, is a little swelling if I go a bit hard.Good luck,