Elvis vs. Lee, mate?

I like Elvis 'n'all, but he in't the man t'beat Lee. He's shown fuck all in the UFC other than a guard game, mate, an' he can't bang w'a banger like Lee. I reckon all Elvis could do is pull guard, an' then Lee would either KO him w'strikes or pass guard an' submit him w' an armbar from the mount or a kneebar into toe hold from half guard.

Like I said, mate, I like Elvis 'cos he's a nice bloke, but I wouldn't pick him t'beat Lee in scrabble, let alone a fuckin' fight.

The man has mad skills on the scrabble board

skelboy, your analysis of the fight game is very insightful. Will you be watching Britians hardest tonight?

Lee is ace at scrabble. He knows all them two letter words what y'can use, like "NY" an' "XU", mate.

tjmitch, depends if I got t'work or not. I in't seen it yet but I heard it were shite, is it? I bet them kids what live on me old estate could smash up a car faster than any o'them fat blokes on the telly.

Thanx for the kind words Skelboy. I've got alot of respect for Lee and think he's very talented and is going along way. I'll also point out the every opponant of mine in the UFC has avoided my standup and either clinched or shot in too take me down. I'm not afraid to bang. I don't doubt that Lee could most likely win with GnP'd, but he won't be submitting me, I can guarantee that.Regards,

Alright mate, classy answer. If I said that about that Baroni bloke he'd have come on an' said somethin' like:

5269-2626yk;dsphsih;sgpt-26593-69236-296 262 BEST EVA!!!!111

Anyway, I were surprised that Baloo or whatever he's called wouldn't stand w'ya. Maybe he hurt his hand backstage on one o'them prickly pears he were goin' on about in that shite song.

so those fat blokes are not britians hardest? After watching all of the poofs playing soccer fall down like they had been shot everytime someone bumps into them, I figured that some 40 year old butcher with homemade tattoo's and the muscle tone of a veal may very well be considered a touch guy.

Elvis, good to sse you. But it isnt an Elvis thread without your famous camel toe pic....

I believe I landed a nice kick or two early on that convinced him to take me down. But then again, his gameplan did seem awefully like he just wanted to take me down, push me against the fence and GnP for cut stoppage. Still, if he thought I was just a BJJ guy, he would've tried to knock me out standing. I know Tito did, but he didn't enjoy getting hit (Lee would agree with me on that one).


So Elvis, when we will see you back in the Octogon? Soon I hope. And when will we see that camel toe pic? Sooner I hope. In fact, if you do not post your famous sig pic, I will think this is an Elvis Impersonator.

Damn, I can't find the URL... :(

No idea. I think I need to get busy again to get the UFC interested. We'll see what happens this year.


tjmitch, hate to break it to ya mate, but usually fat blokes in't hard. Anyway, is the program good or shite?

Elvis, what were even funnier was that video they played talkin' about how good Tito's boxin' were an' how he were gonna use it in his fight.

skelboy, then you should write to the producers of that show..as all of the blokes I have seen give me a poor impression of what qualifies as hard in the UK. But of course, from the american TV that you show over here, you might figure that all americans want to be on Jerry Springer and love the WWE.

Elvis by t'submission.

With all respect to Lee, Elvis has been working on his "heavy weight" game.

If Elvis sits on Lee it's all over.


Good luck Elvis!

Karl is correct. I would need to start cutting again... Cutting out the pizza's... ;)


Filfy brits like apostrophes, mate



You're a fat guy now? And I agree, no one in the UFC
has stood up with you

I'd like to see Sinosic vs. Dewees. Zuffa make it happen...oh yeah, and cut the crap....