Elvis vs. Lee, mate?

ttt for Fat Elvis!!

I would LOVE to see the king back in the UFC ring....the most personable fighter (to be fair, tied with Jens Pulver) I have ever met and a great fighter who has not been given his due. I think that Elvis still has a UFC championship in his future. Tough call against murray, though. Elvis would be able to submit him without a doubt, but needs to avoid those big blows on the feet.

Lee'd still win this one, lads. Lee is an ace boxer, as you all fuckin' know, an' as far as I know Elvis is a Tae Kwon Do man. Let's look at how that matches up, mate:

Ace Boxin' vs. Good Tae Kwon Do

...any questions?

lol at Elvis being a TKD man...

Elvis is actually a volleyball man.

Elvis is one of the classiest guys in the sport.

Is he really a fat pile of crap now?

class post Elvis.


Be carefull at the pizza joints Elvis! Remember what happened in Montreal? :)


"Good boxer vs good muau thai is more like it."

Decent boxer vs very basic muay thai is more like it. I think Elvis Opponents taking him down had much more to do with their desire and ability to GnP him than fear of his striking. I would need to see more of Lee before picking a winner but I don't think Elvis wants to try and bang with Lee. I would like to see elvis fight Horn again.

Sinosic is making a comeback? Best of luck to you!

Well I'm around 220lbs, for me that's fat... ;)


Elvis are you a brown belt or a black?


Class act like always Elvis

It's great to get to ask Elvis some questions on here.

Who's your favourite Canadian Elvis? :)

Come back to the list man, we miss ya.


I'm still a Brown Belt. But always working hard to get to the next level... :)

With an ass like yours Geo, you know who my favourite Canadian is... :)

"lol i saw u at the pankration u aint fat at all elvis"

Maybe not normal person fat, but I feel like a porker... ;) And if you'd seen her too, you'd want to porker as well... :p


"but he won't be submitting me, I can guarantee that."

Fuckin' word King. Big congrats for the two (pretty) quick subs in Sydney over the weekend.

Lee's got some gusto and style that should see him do well in UFC, but he's not well rounded enough yet to fight Elvis.

It would definitely be good to see Elvis back in the UFC.

As a fighter........... or even as a commentator!

Elvis, make it happen!!



Thanx guys for the kind words. We'll see what the year has install for me. Anything is possible.

"TTT for Elvis ! How you been Mr.Sinosic?"

I've been doing good. The Academy is progressing very nicely. Students doing me proud. Back in competition and winning again, that's always good.


I would love to see Elvis vs. Murray. I would go with Elvis, IMHO his ground game and defense would be tough for Lee.

ttt for Elvis