Elvis vs Paulo

Ok, after seeing another of our top black belts compete what are everyone's opinions about the fight, and the future of BJJ in this country.
We already had the first BB fight last year with Anthony Perosh and Marzelo Rezende steping up and giving it a shot, there was a bit of controversy regarding this fight as Paulo (the ref) apolagised for making a mistake (according to him) but today Elvis done the right thing and went for the sub. so there was no question about who won. Big credit goes to both Elvis and Paulo who were ready to rumble, Paulo displayed courage and a warrior spirit by not taping out. I hope this is a example for other BB's and top grappler's in this country to put their differences aside and have go at it for the good of the sport.

ttt... Elvis you da man.

What was the result?



What happened today?

Today was the first National Submission Wrestling Championships. Unlike ADCC, there were divisions for different levels of skills.

Beginner division : White Belt or equivalent*

Intermediate division : Blue & Purple or equivalent


Advanced division : Brown & Black or equivalent

***By or equivalent, it means in styles not ranked in BJJ such Wrestling, Catch, Judo, etc which may not have a belt or the same belt colour ranking.***

We were lucky to have several competitors in the advanced division, and even luckier to have two Black Belts compete.

The competitors where Stephen K (machado), Rodney E (Extreme), Gustavo M (Barra Gracie), Paulo G (Roots) and me/Elvis (machado).

The best part of it all was the excitement of the whole crowd once the matches started. Everything else stopped and everyone was cheering. Regardless of the result, there were no losers as the sport of BJJ won and can only grow from this.




Could purples fight in the advanced division too (Rodney)?
Can you give us the results.
You'll have to excuse my ignorance - who was the other BB besides Paulo?


Apparently they could (Rodney did). Gustavo Machado was the other Black Belt. He is a Barra Gracie Black Belt training with Marcello. He's a very nice guy too.

Rodney beat Stephen by decision.

I submitted Paulo by Head Arm Choke (Arm Triangle, Side Choke, etc) before 4 mins (scoring had not started is all I know).

Gustavo beat Rodney by decision.

I submitted Gustavo by armbar (before 4 mins, once again all I know is scoring had not started) to win the Advanced division.

It was an honour and a pleasure to be able to step on the mat and compete with two Black Belts. Even though I won, I still have a lot of respect for the guys as they showed not only the obvious skill, but also alot of heart and courage.



You are a gentleman and a champion and both your matches were great to watch. Congratulations on your wins. You are the man, you are the KING!

Guga - Gustavo M (Barra Gracie) (A champion through and through) (My new hero), was the other BB, and he gave away at least 35kgs in his match with Elvis.

I don't think anyone at 65kg could come close to his skill!!!!

Elvis, will you be getting your black belt when Carlos Machado visits in May?

Thanks for that Elvis. Congratulations on a great result, and good on Rodney for stepping up to the plate too.

Paulo is my other new hero!!!

Giving up that amount of weight and putting his rep on the line, takes more heart than any of you or I could ever understand.

The man is a true ambassador of the sport.

He organized the whole thing, competed, and even had the time to jump in my brothers corner after only training with him 4 times.

Much respect Paulo!!!

Paulo and Gustavo showed lots of skills. I was impressed rolling with both of them. As I said, it was pleasure to compete against both of them. I commend both of them (and the others in the division) for stepping up.

Alas, Browns and Blacks, though growing in numbers, are still scarce here in Australia. We don't have enough to fill weight divisions (though I'm sure not too far away) so the Absolute is the only way that we can test ourselves. If you want to retain world class skills you need to constantly step up and compete and hone your skills.

"Elvis, will you be getting your black belt when Carlos Machado visits in May?"

Alas since I have no idea about my Black Belt. When my instructors think I am ready, I have no doubt I will get it.


Elvis, I have said it before and I will say it again,

You are the man for Australian MMA!!!

You are so approachable and have done so much for the sport!!

I was absolutely stoked to have a pic with you and Anthony today!!! As is my brother!!!

What other sport could you approach one of the most elite competitors, right after a final in a competition, and have pics and joke with them, without even knowing them?

PS. I almost turned and ran when you jokingly refused my photo request. LOL.

Sorry, I have a bad sense of humour... glad you stuck around... ;)


Just the fact you are on here chatting with your fans, is a true example of your down-to-earth personality.

I think its time for Tito again you looked unstoppable today!!!

And Tanner!!!

I didn't see him there..... spewin!!!! (Mark Hunt)

Great to see the top dogs competing... hope the trend continues.

I gotta say it was awesome to have the place chanting Paulo's name, to only have the other half explode and start chanting mine. That was definitely a highlight.

Damn, Mark Hunt was there. Shoot, I missed that!


Well done all competitors.

A big congratulations to Elvis for retaining the true meaning of the art and going for the tap. Elvis, that is how it should be done, Kudos.