Elvis vs Paulo

Yeah Paulo looked in very good shape. He looked bigger and more cut than I remember (But then again, I don't really see him parade around without a shirt either).

Thanx Dave, as you know, that's pretty much the way I always wrestle anyhow.


"Paulo displayed courage and a warrior spirit by not taping out"

I'm sure that was typed in good faith, but Paulo did tap. That is why the match was stopped, he did not pass out. Paulo tapped once, I relieved the pressure (without releasing the submission) and looked to him, he then verbally submitted.


Thanks for everybody to come to the comp at Manly yesterday. Was a great day and a very important step to the growing of BJJ and Martial Arts in Australia with great fights and fighters trying new styles of competitions bringing diferent approaches and experiences for everyone.

I learned a lot yesterday and was a real pleasure to fight Elvis in a comp in Australia. His level is very high and his sportsmanship too!

Hope to see more (all if possible) brown and black belts in Australia steping on the mats in the near future.



Good to see the black belts step up with out all the shit of my dick is bigger than your dick.

Congrats to everyone

"I'm sure that was typed in good faith, but Paulo did tap. That is why the match was stopped, he did not pass out. Paulo tapped once, I relieved the pressure (without releasing the submission) and looked to him, he then verbally submitted."


Im sorry Elvis, i didn't have a good angle of the fight so i shouldn't of said anything but i thought he didn't tap.

Both you and Paulo showed what BJJ is all about.. ttt!

Paulo said something to me which I thought was cool, "In Brazil we would have to compete, why should it be any different here?".

Paulo is right, if you want to maintain world class skills you've got to compete. Hopefully the more we compete against each other the better we ALL will get.


Paulo, thankyou for the kind words.


Well said Elvis, and those are some good words that Paulo said. And this just goes out to prove to all the people who thought that Paulo is a dick wrong and that he really is a top guy..
ttt for Paulo.

Paulo has made a great effort to improve recently. I know he's made some mistakes that have upset some people. But lately he's done the right thing. Credit where credit is due.


Congrats Elvis

After time in the desert of knee our king returns ... just like in the bible


As has already been said . Congrats to Elvis and props to paulo for stepping up to compete .

Thanks for the kind words guys.

And check out ADCC, there's a nice mention there of the event and my win... :)


Now I wish I'd asked questions and stayed for the whole thing.

Elvis looked like a animal on the mat.

I think Paulo did a wonderful job, all the rest of the black belts in Australia should follow suit and fight each other to see. Good match, very fast paced.

Was this a no Gi comp?

If so isn't this a totally different sport or discipline than the BJJ black Belts earn their belts?

It was no gi, but most BJJers now days also train in no gi, utilizing the same skills as used in BJJ. It is basically the same rules a bjj (with a few modifications on scoring) but just without the gi. It is neccessary to adapt your training, but it is not an entirely foreign sport.

It wouldn't be like going from Cricket to Soccer. More like changing codes from Union to League.

Very close skill set, just slightly different rules.

Hopefully we will see more black belts step on the mat, not just against us, but each other. The only way to be competitive, is to be competitive.


It is great to see the black belts stepping out and having a go. And it is great to see the students on here wrapped that this is happeneing and not falling into my instructor is better than your because mine beat yours BS.

Hopefully there will be a Black Belt match or 2 in Vic this year.

You can cross your fingers, but all the Black Belts know that NSW is the place to compete... ;)


These comps are interesting in that when the novices compete, you get some crowd excitement going on, then the intermediates are on and the crowd cheers loudly, then the experts are on and the house errupts. Revamps your energy after a long day.

Congrats to Elvis for the win, but more importantly, congrats to Paulo, Elvis and Gustavo for stepping up. Its not often that the begginers get a chance to see the real deal in action.

If more guys like you three stood up and left the egos at the door, our sport could only get stronger.

Don't forget Rodney and Steve who also competed in the Advanced division... :)