eMachines SUCK!!!!!

FRAT warning...but I give the todays internets award to the person that sticks with me

I've had my neighbors emachine T3092 for 4 freakin weeks now and cant find the problem. Its a pretty new computer, I'd say maybe 2 years old.  The computer runs fine for the first 15-20 and even 30 minutes then BAM!!!! Blue screen of death and reboot.

I checked the fans and they are working fine. Its a built in video card and its not doing any real processing so chances are its not overheating. I updated all the drivers to make sure they are the latest and greatest. I haven't changed any hardware components because I need some clue as to what could cause this problem. The blue screen suggests a bad driver or firmware.

I paid 60 bucks for a new bios from www.esupport.com and flashed the bios. Cool, new bios, should fix the instability problem. Nope, it made things worse. I went into the BIOS and saved it to the CMOS. Now it does a single long beep over and over and over. They sent me a brand new BIOS chip and it did the same thing as the first one did. Now my neighbor is cranky, wants his computer back and I dont have it fixed.


Its going to hard telling dude that his computer is totally screwed and explaining to him that it wasn't your fault.

I have 2 E-machines...one is about 8 years old and the other is about 6 and both of them are running just fine. One bad egg doesn't kill the whole brand.

eMachines = gateway = POS...

If I remember correctly Gateway merged/bought E-Machines because E-Machines was scoring higher in quality/satisfaction/etc.

eMachines used to suck, like SUCK-SUCK. But then as a company they made some changes and started putting quality stuff into their systems and they vastly improved. In the past several years they've been the worst of the worst, a pretty solid and decent system for their price (with quality components), and everything in between. It really depends on the system and what stage they as company were at when you got it. I haven't looked at them in a while but a few years back I remember they were listing their systems and including brand and model numbers of the parts. It was weird to look at something like a pre-built system and be like "Hey, that's the same Asus motherboard I was thinking of getting" etc. I know they're part of Gateway now but like I've said I havne't kept up with them enough to know how they currently stand and stack up.

But none of that helps to answer the original question. How far along does it get before the one long continuous beep?

I don't know the details enough so I might be skipping some basic steps when I say I'd jump into the BIOS (assuming they're accessible) and turn off everything on-board that's not needed. Make sure all the settings for everything is correct (CPU speeds and voltage, RAM settings, etc) and then see if gets further. If not, I'd strip the system down to the basics with nothing extra plugged in and see if it boots (when doing this it's very important to make sure you have a single quality (working) RAM chip installed to help eliminate RAM as a potential problem. Then (assuming it fixed it) start adding everything else one at a time. BTW, I would've also taken out the battery, unplugged teh system, and tripped the CMOS jumpers to flash it back. For some reason or another, I've had to unplug the system, take out the battery, trip the jumpers, and leave the system sitting like that overnight to get it to work (had a similar problem too).

On a plus side, it doesn't sound like there's any reason why the data on the hard drive would be lost so that should still be accessible in another system to back it up.

Power supply?

I seem to remember I had a PC like that a few years ago that did the same thing. Replaced that and it was fine.

Just a suggestion though as it SEEMED to work fine just wasn't putting out like it should and would blue screen/reboot?

The beep comes immediately when I boot the system up, no emachines splash screen, nothing...just the beeps.

Whats taking 4 weeks is I'm doing this as a favor so I don't work on it all day long. In terms of the stop error, this is the one I'm getting: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314063  I've followed the instructions by updating the firmware and thats where I'm having the problem now.

I once had a similar problem and it turned out to be a bad memory
module. try reseating the memory chips. If that doesn't help, try swapping
each chip out till the problem goes away. If that doesn't fix it, i'm
guessing it's a hardware problem of some sort. Start swapping hardware.

After looking at your post I think you jumped the gun in flashing the BIOS without first troubleshooting hardware.

This is why I'm slowly trying to remove myself from doing any personal work for people. It's funny, but if you were charging $125 an hour, you'd also have them sign a waiver in case it blew up.

I've gotten a call every night this week from people who have messed up computers. These same people wouldn't call a mechanic they know to fix their car for free, but they dump their shit on me. Also every day this week I've had the same two guys stop in my office asking me moronic questions on how to do things on their computers. One of these guys asked me to set up a network at his house, I told him I'd do it for $20 and he scoffed at the price, even though he lived at least 20 miles away.

I think I'm going to begin telling people that they can either decide to pay me $90 an hour to either fix it or tell them how to fix something, or they can consider the possibility that they shouldn't have that technology.

Buncha leaches.


Cuddlebug, I hear you.  I typically charge people 100 bucks for a wireless network installation. 20 bucks is too generous.

I'll try and buy a memory module for it to see what happens. I'm not entirely encouraged that this will fix the problem but we'll see.

yeah doing sidejob shit sucks ass...

I only do it for a few people, and not that often for family.

reseat the DIMMS, sounds like one or both are bad. What do the sys logs say? Is it memory errors on blue screen? Maybe an app has a memory leak? Look at virtual mem usage in task mgr to see if anything is running rampant