email from pokerstars re expat shield

Im from Scotland and work offshore. I have been using expat shield to play on pokerstars as it is blocked out here.

I recieved the following email from pokerstars...


We at PokerStars are writing to inform you that we have begun blocking the USA-based IP addresses of aka HotSpotShield from accessing our servers.

As you have logged into PokerStars in the past few weeks using this service, we wanted to proactively inform you of this action, so that you will understand why you might be unable to connect to our servers. You did not do anything wrong in using Anchor Free. We are simply advising you so that you will be able to continue to enjoy our services.

In order to establish a connection, please use your true IP address as assigned by your ISP, or if you absolutely must use a VPN, please choose one outside the United States.

If you continue to have difficulty connecting to PokerStars when not using Anchor Free, please contact our support department at"

I obviously cant use expat shield now so was wondering if there is anything else I can use to continue playing poker whilst im offshore. I'm not all that clued up on this type of thing so any help is appreciated...


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