email VIRUS from Wiggy's website

It's come to my attention that some people are receiving virus emails from email addys that have my website (Working Class on them. They are not from me.

If I send you an email, the only addy I use (unless you are a personal training client, which you know the email for that) is If you get an email from anybody/anything else from, it's not me.

Just wanted to pass this around so that nobody gets infected thinking it's an email from my site...

Wiggy -

Talk to your computer guys and see if they have anti-virus software installed on the company servers. I was getting a bunch of virus notifications in my emails until I called Road Runner and told them that they should have anti-virus software installed that handles the virus at the server.

I also suggested that once they handle the virus they can silently celebrate and NOT send me 1000 notices that they did their job. ;)