Emanuel Stewart's boxing career

He's one of my favorite trainers. Does anyone know if he ever boxed? If so, how was he?

He was a very, very decorated amateur fighter as I recall, I don't believe he had a very extensive professional career if any.


I believe he won a national amatuer title, but I dont remember what one. Dont think he ever fought professionally. Seems like I read that he knew he wasn't good enough to ever win a pro title, so he didn't pursue it.

chadk - I read an interview with him in which he says the exact opposite. He said he thought he could've been the first boxer to win titles in 4 weight classes or something, but there was some reason for why he never pursued it which I can't remember.

U4EA, you could be right. My memory isn't the greatest lol.

I think he may also have been a GG champion?

Just found this on hbo.com

"In 1963, 18-year old Emanuel Steward, fighting as a bantamweight, won the National Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions. He looked forward to a career as a professional, but after failing to find what he considered to be honest management, took a steady job at Detroit Edison Company. But he never wandered too far from the fight game. In 1971 Steward accepted a part-time position as head coach of the boxing program at the Kronk Recreation Center. When his young team won the Detroit Golden Gloves team title that same year, the Kronk Dynasty was born."

There's a big article on him from a few years ago on detnews.com if you search for it.