Embarrassed this is our president




I understand her being mad. I’m sure she’s going to get a meeting from the SS though.

It’s amazing how these “mistakes” always seem to go one way


She can hardly type a coherent sentence, glad they deleted that senseless dribble.

you should be embarassed that the MAGASSHAT before him was SOO unliked that THIS is what we have now.

US needs to do better overall. Ive voted for both R and D candidates and I cant believe that THESE are the 2 options that were presented. Both parties need to bring better candidates in 2024

Trump is awesome stfu!

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Well she did just lose her son you heartless cunt I think we can give her a break.


Take a gander north of the border. Biden doesn’t got sh@t on JT imo…

good lord you’re a pussy

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Biden son served in the military and is also dead so he can understand the pain

God Damnit @Chris & @Kirik ! We know you see these shitheads.

Cunts be runnin wild and shit and you’re just sitting there with your thumbs in your buttholes. Or both thumbs. Or in each other’s buttholes. Whatever. Do something or I’ll threaten to leave.