Emelianenko Fedor:HL video

All Hail the King.

Fedor is an animal.

TTT for Fedor vs Sakuraba.

Fedor is #2 in the world.....Bro Hymn is #1. You rock, Bro!!!!!

A guy who was schooled by Silva has no chance against Fedor.

Fedor's brutal. He'll win the Grand Prix.

I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of those shots.

why has he not fought lately?

that's one bad sumbitch!

ttt for later

I cant help to love the chubby bastard..

i've never seen anyone hit so damn hard on the ground. NEVER.

Props for Mino for even continuing to fight. Those were some clean, powerful hits.



I think one thing that makes Fedor scary is that when he gets in a good shot, he picks up the pace, taking advantage of the impact. He never seems to take stock of the damage he is doing, a mistake a lot of fighters make.

Shit. I wouldnt fight him if my ass was on fire and he had the last cup of water...


Cro Cop will end this guy.