Emergency Management/Preparedness

Any of you in this field? I'd like to hear your background, current position, and any other helpful hints, stories. My background is that I'm a 20 year ED/ICU nurse who leads the Emergency Management-Preparedness/Trauma Program at a hospital in Texas.

Is your job mainly around preparing for disasters that befall the hospital itself? Or is it more about how ready the hospital is to respond to, say, a mass casualty event?

Career firefighter EMT/active duty military.

what you need?

I'm lead at my hospital. Following the ICS, I'm the liaison officer. Coordinate the hospital's operations with Fire Departmartment, EMS, and the City/County operations.

Ironmongoose....A MCI event is my top priority and what I plan for. It's a lot more though, MCI events, weather, hospital evacuations, Bioterrorism and now cyber security.

Darth Potato....Don't need anything, just seeing if anyone is in the same boat I'm in.

I've seen degrees offered in this now, I'm also interested in the field. 

My sister's kid got his PhD in this. Now he's a professor at a medical school in NYC.

That stuff sounds complicated. I dunno, maybe have a big walk-in freezer with a bunch of extra doctors and nurses and blood and stuff in it?