Emerson tapped. He lost.

The real ? IMO would be if he tapped before Maynard was Ko'd or not? Im at work so I havent seen it.


"I was a little tired." = "It was just a cut." imo.

lmao this is hilarious

Gray should just shut up. he's only hurting himself with this nonsense

I called no contest myself...
I was tired. That funny as shit...

FUNNIEST fight of the night.

Dude, Maynard was out, out, out...

He was looking for where he parked his car on queer street...

That's total BS!!!! Gray didn't let go until Emerson tapped. You can still see Gray breathing normal. THAT IS COMPLETE BS!!!!!!!

Gray you won! Good fight man.

Rogan is being a huge tool!

That was easily the craziest shit I have ever seen.


Personally I called No Contest. It reminds me of Hughes Newton. But Gray didn't get up like Hughes did...

wow, that was crazy. I'd have to say he was out when he put his head in Emersons crotch.

IloveRampage- I agree, that was what sold it for me as well.

Rob tapped due to Gray's slam, and when Gray was partially on top of him. Gray won. His inability to continue is irrelevant when the fight is over.

"You can still see Gray breathing normal"

What the hell does that have to do with it? You breath different when you get KO'd! He wasnt dead.

^^^Yes, actually people do breathe way different when unconscious. Usually short deep breaths.

What sold me was the the seizure arms and the butthole peeking.

That fight has made my day. Amazing!