eminent domain

Anyone ever dealt with this before? The state is "buying" a piece of land from us for a new highway. I was told that they will give us an offer and we only have 30 days to accept. No offer yet just waiting. They have to do soil samples and a bunch of other tests. I have a house (renters) and some land (acres). What kind of offer am I looking at? Is it going to be fair or low? Do you need a real estate agent if its this kind of sale? Closing costs? Tell me anything and everything. Thanks in advance.

New road went thru and my relatives were given offers above market value. Even the one that just had land taken next to his house was also given extra for damages since the road would be closer. Not sure about closing costs tho. But the offers were above fair. Phone Post 3.0

I knew a guy who kept holding out from selling his house where a new store was going in at. He was the last one on his street to sell and took 400k for his house that appraised for 120k. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks Mrfluffyhippo. That gives me a little bit of hope. I've heard both sides of it. By a local airport, an entire town got bought out. The ones who held out got less money. We are not holding out. I need to buy someone out of a share(its a LONG story). Basically I want to make sure that another group(different part of the family) gets their fair share. I just have to make sure that I don't lose my buyout money when its all said and done. I'm trying to go above and beyond to make sure things are finally corrected after all these years. Also trying to make sure I don't get burned in the process.