Emmett Till awarded Congressional Gold Medal posthumously

Too little too late.

“The Congressional Gold Medal is an award bestowed by the United States Congress. It is Congress’s highest expression of national appreciation for distinguished achievements and contributions by individuals or institutions.”

What happened to him was horrible, and it’s a shame those who did it were not punished. But i’m not sure that getting killed by a bunch of rednecks is a “distinguished accomplishment.”


It’s like when Nancy Pelosi thanked George Floyd for his sacrifice


Exactly! Absolutely horrific but this is just more racist BS pandering to the black community.

“Here you go you darkies, Emmett was killed by white people and we bestow upon him this honor for his distinguished accomplishment of being killed by said white people”. dafuq?


Lebron famously compared his fake graffiti incident to the Till murder if anyone needs a reminder of what a dumb pos he is.


Tbf, he never got the chance to accomplish anything.

who is that GIF

this should had been done decades ago.

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Yes this is all about BLM.

A 27 year old white woman told me she was watching “that new Emmet Till documentary” then called me a “typical middle aged white man” when I asked who Till was.

I guess my high school history class in rural Missouri failed me on the civil rights movement.

He was the Trayvon Martin of his era.

He shouldn’t have been a toxic male cat calling a woman…

So should a male in his late 40’s know who he was? Like I said, my public school history education was pretty poor.

George Kirby!