Emperor and the Assasin

A movie about the first emperor of China.

I noticed something unusual about this movie.. in all the fighting, there is NO wirefu or even fancy Shaw Bros type moves. It's all hacking and slashing. The way REAL fighting was done, surely.

They have a scene where the assasin is fighting a young swordsman, the latter wears a sort of kendo type mask..

i have this at home on dvd, it's gong li, right?

did not watch yet. will have to check out now.

Gong Li is awesome in it, and the guy who plays the assasin is good too

HERO is a much bigger and prettier version of this story, but I like this one better

i did not know it's same story as HERO. cool. i will watch it this weekend.

well, as you may know Chin Shi Huang had a number of assasination attempts made on him. Both movies are based on this idea, that's as far as it goes