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Good day everybody:

I was wondering whether somebody can provide me with some information in regards to the job market in the Greater Detroit, MI area. I am currently working as a Production Supervisor for one of the big 3 automakers and I am basically looking to get out of Manufacturing and perhaps go into Design and/or Project/Program Management. I have an undergrad degree in Mechanical Engineering and I am a relatively recent MBA graduate. I am also a licensed engineer. I have approx. two years program/project management experience affiliate with a well known sportswear company that in fact sponsors five world MMA champs, but the reason I took the supervisors job was the reason why many people take jobs that they don't seem themselves doing longterm, the money. I checked out a few web-sites and I have tried to network hear at the facility I am at, but the big 3 are coming through some tough times, and being that my job is contract, I was recently told that my contract would come up within several months (May time-frame).

I know this sounds like a cover letter but I just want to give a little bit of my background. Any information would be appreciated.

Do you have Program Mgt in automotive? You'll have a tough time without real auto exp. Try to get your cert in Program Management, it might help.

While you are at it, find me a good gig in Detroit. :) I'm done with my MBA at Wayne in December.


"Try to get your cert in Program Management, it might help."

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Does anybody know what Program Management pays out in the Michigan area specifically within the automotive industry (either for the big 3 or a well-established tier 1 supplier)? I know that you can never stop learning and upgrading your education will only help, but with my family situation and the amount of time I am at work, I really don't have the time to go back to school. The current situation in the automotive industry (in Michigan, specifically) doesn't look too promising within the next year or so, but I am definitely looking for new opportunities. Suggestions??

I know project guys making anywhere from like 75 to over 100.

Depends on your situation.


see the PMI PM salary survey results.