employment@LA Boxing.com

You guys should seriously consider Chris Reedy.



Is the San Diego Location still in the works



CrazyHunter: email me ecallahan @ tridium.com (remove the spaces)

"steve, your hired". Thats great news for L.A. boxing ! Great instructor !

San Diego is on they sign a lease next week.Is that Rick?

this is... I called your guy but never got a call back.

When/where in Atlanta? Best of luck to you guys.

"12, the Chuck deal is on!!!
should be great for biz,those la boxing guys know whats up

Sorry about that.I just saw the guy in LV at our convention.He said you called...I thought you guy's hade spoke. I do the hiring and your still in bro
no worries.Hit me @ Sean@laboxing.com so we hook you up! How the waves in SD right now?

Roswell and Midtown in the ATL. Atlanta is a fighting town we're proud be there!!

The waves are always good here... be cause even when they are small, they are 100 yards from a beer and beautiful women.. I will drop you an email. Thanks for the response. Rick


It's funny this thread came up. I have been thinking hard of getting a LA Boxing Franchise

Greg Holmes is the man!!!

Sean, Lots of good talk about your organization.

Continued success. You were in Erin's corner in SmackGirl?

Keep doing what you're doing.



Yes I was in Erin's corner for smackgirl!! I love Erin she's my violent littel sister!!
Thank you for the shout out,bro!!

TTT cool!!