End of the season....happy?

So how did your team do? You happy with the way the season went?

As a Newcastle fan I am delighted that we got rid of Souness and managed to finish 7th. Just shows how bad the premier league is that we can finish so high after only playing for 4 or 5 months. Some serious rebuilding needs done in the summer though.

Gutted that Shearer won't be seen in the team again though.

Bring on the World Cup!

Couldn't have asked for more....

FA Cup Final

UEFA Cup next year

9th place (9/10 people thought we'd go down, including me)

Stopped Spuds getting into the chumps league on the last day.

Millwall = relegated

That is quite the year.

Scraped the last Champions' League place on the final day of the league season (cheers West Ham and the mystery food poisoner). GET IN!

Left Highbury on a high

Champions' League final to come

Unfortunately, no more Dennis Bergkamp

Could have done with better league form away from home, but overall I'm happy.

Nope. When does the season start again? If it weren't for the WC coming up it would have been a long summer. Will be stuck with MLS in the meantime watching teams like Galaxy, Rapids, Red Bulls, etc. Hopefully, FSC can find something. I think Rugby may be in the schedule but I don't understand the sport.

Love the way Spurs fucked it up on the last day. I don't have anything against the club or the fans and I quite like Jol but I DESPISE Jermaine Jenas. Little bender.

You must have loved him missing an open goal on his return to St. James' Park. I was pleased when he didn't sign for Arsenal last summer after all the speculation. Especially for the £20m fee that was being thrown around.


Damn second place in Serie A (still one game to play, but i don't believe in miracles) and an elimination in a semifinal against Barca is not enough

I want to win something next year !!!

Ac Milan forever !!!

Ron that was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I can't stand the twat. Most over-rated player ever.

Liverpool = 82 points and THIRD.


Ask me next Thursday - CL Final, CL qualification - both in a "rebuilding" season - not bad but could get even better (ie. the best) next Wednesday - but not holding my breath.....


I read that the Spurs are asking for a rematch against West Ham. Has this ever happened?

No, and it ain't gonna happen now

Can't see it - would set a unwanted precedent....


Yes Reading won their league,Arsenal with a very injury ridden team still managed to get to the finals of the Champions league and we have the World cup to look forward to

I have a Blackburn fan mate who watched a lot of the Suiness games, he hated him within a month of him arriving and wanted him gone ASAP. I think it is fair to say he is average, at best. Which is what Roeder is as well IMO.

He was in a win/win situation this season, won't be the case next season.

I think him being a "name" player at a time when Liverpool were kings, has bought him a lot slack other managers wouldn't have gotten.

Govnor has prob 2-foot-tackled the correct !!


...and then headbutted it for good measure.

In Sweden the season is reversed, so it's just starting out here. They've played eight games out of 26 and after the long winter break I'm still really psyched.

Now all I need is some actual grass on the pitch... and a proper offensive mid... and a ref that doesn't get sexually aroused by affecting the outcome of the game... and doesn't solicit his body in seedy bars...

Very happy, like the Gov said.. Wait til Saturday and will be on cloud nine..

Hoping Bobby Z gets the start with Ashton nursing the hammy...