Ending to Klitschko/Williams fight

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Thank you.

Nice KO.

Wow that's a shocker!

snickers with sarcasm

thanks for posting the clip. nice work

You are a man of your word.

can we all agree that tyson would have never beat williams. I mean williams took the ass beating of klitko for 8 rounds.

ttt and thanks

No problem at all. In fact we can thank Fin for informing us about this great Website deal. They allow a whopping 120 gigs of transfer so bandwidth should no longer be a problem for me. I'll try and throw up some more KO vids in the next few days too.



Thanks for posting that!
Williams was outclassed and outgunned.


LOL @ 120 gigs, how could that ever be used? Someone is like, hey man send me the star wars, lotr, el mariachi and indiana jones trilogies...at once.

Damn that is pretty.

Dayyyyum. Stud.


Looks like Klitschko uppercutted Williams in the solar plexus, made him drop his hands, then landed the KO shots to the head.

Dr. Iron Fists is his name!

Klitschko is a very akward boxer, but damm, the big s.o.b tagging Williams all night, and having fun in the ring doing it.

It was a plain shut out, Klitschko used his height and reach to his advantage, the 1st round was crazy, (this the #1 contender for the title)

Williams was human punching bag that night, poor guy.

Williams was ranked no7 by the wbc not no1

Thanks for the correction, when the Williams KO'ed Tyson they gave Williams a shot for the crown, he wasn't a mandatory challenger.