Endoscopy TME

About to head out to the surgery center to get my endoscopy done later today. Nervous about the anesthesia simply because the thought of being put under makes me uneasy.

How bad will my throat hurt after?

Dont be a pussy.

Had about 15 done. Conscious sedation, not anesthesia. Little sore day after. No biggie. Phone Post 3.0

will be sore that's it.  wont be painful.


the being under is a conscious under.


i was awake for one of mine and the doctor performing it was talking to me describing everything he was seeing on the screen.

should have gotten a bottle of ether and practiced before your procedure


Now I just gotta wait about 5 hours till I'm outta here. Phone Post 3.0

A little sore for a day or 2...i don't remember anything about the procedure... No big deal Phone Post 3.0

Why are they scoping you? Phone Post 3.0

if i were you i'd ask for the other end o scope  its more fun....

norcalbc - Why are they scoping you? Phone Post 3.0
Having stomach issues for a month. Phone Post 3.0

Tell us more. Whats going on? Phone Post 3.0

choadler - Tell us more. Whats going on? Phone Post 3.0

About a month ago I had food poisoning, I even posted in a thread about it that day. Two days later I felt back to normal and it happened again. Went to my doctor and he gave me an antacid and told me to come back in two weeks. I went back after two days due to the nausea and he referred me.

These last two weeks have been pretty much back to normal. I went from getting full from eating something the size the half of my palm to gorging on pizza last week. My stomach still gets upset on a daily basis and unfortunately I've gained 10 or so of the 20 pounds I lost but I'm getting better.


I worked in an endoscopy unit yrs ago. Also have had serious esophageal issues my whole life (esophagus finally ruptured in 2008). Its now reinforced in gortex and shit. I have a few scars for my troubles.

Who knows whats going on, but thats why they look. They will take good care of you. Not a big deal. Conscious sedation is a bit different for everyone. Ive had it about 20 times and given it about 2000 times. Its not great for a long procedure, but its all you need for a quick scope. Phone Post 3.0

I've had five done and never had any pain or issues after.

Just enjoy your quick medically induced nap. Phone Post 3.0

You guys were right. The worst part was the wait and the cold-ass AC.

I got there at about 1:50, paid my copay, got called back around 4, got my IV shortly after, they gave me the Benadryl around 4:45 and shit started getting loopy.

I got wheeled off to the back a bit later where they checked my blood pressure a couple of times and a minute or so after they put me to sleep. I only remember bits and pieces of my parents helping me get to the car and into my bed. Throat isn't even soar but I do feel a bit bloated and starving now. Phone Post 3.0

Forgot to mention what they found.

I guess I have a hiatal hernia that's causing my stomach acid issues. No need for surgery unless it gets bad.

Unfortunately, they did do a biopsy of something they found. I go back on the 1st for the results. Phone Post 3.0