English - Kanji translation?

Does anyone know where I can get 2 English words translated into Kanji characters? I’ve been searching the web without any luck… the phrase is “House, angry!” (grammarically as ‘The house is very angry’) Any ideas?

What is your purpose for the two kanji? a tatoo? Are you trying to make a sentence or form a meaning only with adjective +noun?

The Kanji is actually meant to sit under a logo. The name of the logo is "Angry House" but I wanted something a bit more slang (If kanji can have slang) - so I thought "House, Angry!" - but I don't know if that will just look ridiculous.
A friend of mine recently fought in the SAW tournament and brought me back a bunch of Japanese mags, we both loved the Japanese Graphic Design. I'm doing him up a small poster as a thank you.


buddy, that would be some pretty wack logo to any asian person who read it..

I'm afraid I might have to agree with Naughty gorilla... Also, angry, being an adjective or a verb (to be angry, is usually more commonly said) it wouldn't be just two kanji. it would be more like a mini phrase so I don't think it'd give you the effect you'd want like it might in English...

Humm... I thought that'd be the case. I actually don't mind if it appears odd, as it'll be used only once in a small poster. Would "This house is angry" be more fitting? The logo is a house with "Angry house Productions" underneath it. I wanted the Kanji to fill out most of the poster. Thanks for your help everyone!