English Muffin Pizzas

Ultimate white trash cuisine! So damn good.


White trash? Bullshit it’s a quick easy delicious snack.


You should open up a restaurant on OBT


The one in the bottom right with the full slice of tomato is the best one.


This guy knows.


Probably a food truck with a 50 cal on top.

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Remember it being seedy as fuck from when I lived there 20 years ago.

Went to an OCSC match and heard the rowdy section chanting some shit and turned to my friend to ask him what they were saying. Finally made it out and they were chanting:

The Ref…Be-longs…on O-B-T!

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South Orange Blossom Trail

Shitty long road in Orlando.

Very tame compared to other big cities, but one of the trashiest areas in Orlando.

Also where DaveFu met all of his “girlfriends.”

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This is a fact.

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Is that the Julians Motel from TPB?

Florida Style!

The fact that they’re on oo-la-la English muffins disqualifies them from “white trash”. Now if you made them on slices of white bread, or better yet, hotdog buns…then we’d be in the realm of “white trash”.


Oh I’m familiar. My nephew went to catholic school on OBT he saw a half naked hooker when he was like 10 when his mom was taking him to school. He was confused why a half naked woman was walking around with no pants. Didn’t realize you were from Orlando.

We call those Bagel Bites in the single guys aisle at the grocery store

Open it up across from Gritty’s.

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