Enlistment Questions

Any input will be appreciated.

I am contemplating on joining the military. I have been talking to a Navy recruiter for a month or so and I will be going to MEPS soon.

My questions are:

If I go to MEPS for one branch and decide not to join, can I "use" that visit for another branch?

Also, I talk to an old high school buddy who has served in the Army and National Guard, and he says that with my college degree, I can automatically be an E4 in the Army.

My Navy recruiter says I will be an E3 in basic and then promote to an E4 within a few months.

Another thing, the reason I am mainly considering the Navy is the SEALs. I know I am too old, but they tell me an age waiver is not that hard to get.

Need help guys.

The Army has the largest spec. op. community of the branches (Ranger, Spec. Forces, Delta).

The trip to MEPS is just your inprocessing to that service, different services have different requirements, the physical may still be good though.

I suggest talking to all the branch recruiters before making a decision.

but they tell me an age waiver is not that hard to get.

I would want to see that in writing bro..

The age waiver is usually dependant on your physical fitness level.

The Hook,

How old are you?

What is your degree in?

Where do you live?

This will help me with the discussion. The MEPS physical is good for any service, however, if you go ABN, Flight special you'll need more than the basic physical. Likewise, if you go SF or Intel, you'll have to take a DLPT (language test).

When asking for needs and desires of what you want out of the military, put your personal situation in terms of: Training, Education, Adventure, Money, Service to Country, and Travel.

This will assist you to choose which service, what in that service, and what incentives to look for.

Major Bob

if you are interested in special forces.... have you considered pararescue or combat controllers in the USAF? just tossing another option on the table....

Check out www.sealcahllenge.navy.mil, they have a million answers on there, possibly to some questions you didn't think of. It has contact information for the SEAL motivators--these are the guys who are specialized recruiteers for getting people into the Teams. They are team guys on shore duty, so they have or can get answers to pretty much anything.

Thanks for all the help guys.I'm 29 y/o (30 in August) and I have a BA in French, with a minor in Spanish and education.I went to MEPS yesterday and I have to get to physical waivers, one I knew about and the other I didn't. The first one is my LASIK surgery, for some reason they are skeptical about taking people who've had it. The second one was not my hand as I had thought, but my hearing. I have partial hearing loss in my right ear that I didn't know about. Hopefully, these won't be a problem.I did OK on the ASVAB. I only had about 4 hours of sleep and considering it's been 11 years since I've had math, I think I did alright. My practice test was and 87, but I scored a 98 on it yesterday.YOU HEARD ME, I almost aced the damn thing! That was actually a shock to me, but my recruiter said that a lot of doors would be open with an 87 but with a 98, I'm in pretty good shape!

BTW, I live in southwestern Virginia. I went to MEPS in Knoxville.

And I have thought about different types of special forces, but for some reason the SEALs have always appealed to me.

I know that most people don't make it through BUD/S and I realize that, but if I don't ever try, I won't ever know, ya know?

My recruiter AND his chief both told me that I would have to wait until after basic (or during basic) to apply for OCS. He said since the Navy will be downsizing soon, that they won't take anyone straight into OCS.

I'm thinking to myself, if they are downsizing, they why are they still recruiting? Hmmmm.....

I don't know how this stuff works, so that's why I brought it to you all! :-)

The Hook,

After the first Gulf War the Army downsized, we went from 18 Divisions to 10 and a lot of folks were RIF'ed, (Reduction in Force) but we still recruited. Reason..... we needed lower enlisted folks to fill the ranks. The RIF was for senior to mid-grade officers and NCO's. I'm sure the same will happen with the Navy when they downsize.

Major Bob

"My recruiter AND his chief both told me that I would have to wait until after basic (or during basic) to apply for OCS. He said since the Navy will be downsizing soon, that they won't take anyone straight into OCS."

That sounds like a load of crap to me. Many recruiters are under so much pressure to get people to enlist they will say ANYTHING to get you to sign. Unfortunately they often resort to outright lies to do so. Talk to an officer recruiter.

Thanks for all the responses, guys.

My recruiter hasn't even mentioned an officer recruiter. I honestly didn't know there were different types of recruiters until I read it on here and then I happened to talk to a Marine recruiter at school the other day.

I understand that 'everybody' who joins the Navy wants to be a SEAL and I'm probably just one of those guys who would wash out. HOWEVER, I am 29 and a wrestling coach at my high school and I usually outlast everyone of my wrestlers in practice.

I know that really doesn't mean squat compared to BUD/S, but I think I can do it and I really want to try.

How about this plan? If I enlist, I qualify for BUD/S and if I happen not to make it, then apply for OCS.

I'm nowhere near those PT scores right now, but I know I can do that (except for maybe the swim) and I plan to hit a MAJOR training routine before I even go to basic.

All of your comments are helpful and appreciated.

Also, how do I get in touch with an officer recruiter?

Should I ask my recruiter? Or can I call a number?

Thanks again!

DD, honestly, being a SEAL is more important to me. I know from my current job that money and prestige aren't what I'm all about.

BTW, I'm a high school teacher and coach and I, by no means, make tons of money and maybe the job isn't as prestigious as it use to be. I do, however, make more money than I have ever made in my life and I am unhappy.

there's nothing wrong with being an enlisted in the military but with a college degree why would you even consider not going in as an officer?

You guys are great, tons of info!

After looking RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE, I found the officer recruiter and I'm going to give him a call on Monday, just to see what he suggests.

I honestly believe that I can be a SEAL. I have no doubts that I can make it.

I'm not cocky, I'm a sandbagger, by nature. I like to talk like I'm not that smart or physically able to do things and then surprise people when they underestimate me.

Also, if I don't make it through BUD/S, I don't want to be the guy who said 'yeah, I'm going to be a Navy SEAL' and then wash out and have people rubbing my nose in my failure.

I'd rather have people not believe in me and then surprise them.

Thanks once again, SOH!