Ennis returning to Punisher in 2014?

From http://comicsbeat.com/garth-ennis-returning-to-the-punisher-in-2014-for-new-miniseries/

This has only just been picked up online by fans – and subsequently by me – but in an interview on ComiXology’s podcast ‘The ComiXologist’, writer Garth Ennis has mentioned that he will be writing a new Punisher miniseries in 2014.

An interview mainly for Red Team, his series with Dynamite, Ennis mentions the Punisher project at approximately 9:15 into the episode.

Ennis was last seen writing The Punisher in 2008, although his Punisher MAX character had a recent run with Steve Dillon and Jason Aaron which…. well… let’s just say that it’s unlikely this new miniseries will be set in the MAX universe.

This is thoroughly exciting news for fans of Ennis, who is viewed by many as one of THE definitive writers for Frank Castle. Projects do come and go however, especially when they have yet to be officially announced – so keep an eye out.