Enough is enough..Lindland/Horn@49

Terrell can fight someone else.....Dana you have the two best 185lb active fighters in the world sitting there. They both want to be in the UFC......so friggin make it happen for the title at UFC 49!!!!

Yep, I agree.


I made a similar thread when the last fighter rankings came out with Horn and Lindland ranked 1 and 2. You can still go ahead and have the 4 man with Tanner/Baroni and Murray/Stout. The winner of that 4 man would be built up enough for a title shot against Horn or Lindland.

Peter P

Personally I don't want to see the two of em fight at UFC 49. Lets face it that would be the way UFC can thus drive one of them away from the UFC.. since one has to lose.

Why not let Lindland get the title or fight for it and have Jeremy fight a few fights to build his ranking for the casual fan and then do a barnburner.

terrell IS the top at 185, you just dont know it yet.

Wildcard, they should make it happen while they can. You're scenerio sounds good, but too many things can go wrong. At this caliber, one of them could lose to someone else. Or one of them could sign with K-1 or something.

Peter P

lindland will fight at 49 against terrell and it will be the fight of the night. TapOut award and all.

Screw that, Horn should fight someone else and after that he can fight the winner of Lindland/Terrell (which will be Terrell).

The only better scenerio I see happening for the UFC to crown a 185 pound champ is to make it into an 8 man tournament. Have Baroni/Tanner and Murray/Stout at UFC 48 and Lindland/Terrell and Horn/Riggs at UFC 49. I realize we will never see a tournament in one night anymore in the UFC, but tournaments over a few shows really gets the fans into it. Just look at the Pride GP's.

Peter P

good idea - i pic horn

"Dana you have the two best 185lb active fighters in the world sitting there." I totally don´t agree w that.
Bustamante made Lindland look like a kid in the 1st wresttling class.
I think Terrel will give him a face makeover.
And neither Lindland, nor Horn are in the top5.

"And neither Lindland, nor Horn are in the top5."

I have to disagree with that.

I pick Horn as well.

I take Terrell!

Well Dana,

WTF don't you do a Lindland/Horn at UFC 49?

Bustamante no longer fights at 185.

Even if you put Bustamante and Henderson at 185, Horn and Lindland are top 5. Horn will solidify his top 2 ranking when he beats Anderson Silva. He SHOULD definitely be in the UFC after that. He is coming off of first round wins over David Loiseau and Chael Sonnen.

good lord.... linland vs horn would be the greatest snorefest of all time. Trust me on that. Not to take anything away from those guys talents... but greco wrestler, vs submission wrestler is pretty fucking boring combo.

Perfect match up. I agree.

I would like to see both guys return to the 185 lb division, there are so many guys deserving shots, but these guys are no brainers.