Enson, hilarious at Pride 19

I never noticed this before but was watching Pride 19 and they showed a buildup for Shamrock and Frye. They showed all the fighters in the ring at a press event. Well Shammy and Frye were talking smack, all hell breaks loose and you see all of the fighters splitting the mup. Then for a brief second, you see Enson sitting in a chair just watching it happen with a smile on his face. It was classic. Not only did Enson look like he was about to laugh but also it looked like if something really did happen, Enson just wanted to watch. Classic Enson keeps his cool. Good job brah. I also loved seeing Wallid Ismail trying to hold them back hahaha, you could barely see him.

I was laughing because I couldn't believe Pride did what they did. They were asking for it. Ken and Don were pissed.

Hahahaha. After reviewing again, I also noticed that Silva and Igor didn't budge either. Funny stuff. That was just a preview for Shin Nihon man.