Enson in Superbrawl!

I just wanted to say good luck Enson! You're gonna kick some serious A$$!!!


Let's go Enson!

That event poster with Enson on it is really tight!Any know how we can get a Superbrawl event poster?Tried emailing the promoter but never heard back from him.

TTT for Enson.

Super Brawl site has been down...it's back up so I think he can get the emails now. If I see some extras at the gym I will take them.

Sexz let me know i will pay for one. Shoot me an email when you do RA27GE@aol.com Thanks!

I would like one too if there are extras and am willing to pay. jekel1@yahoo.com

cool I'll let you guys know

Let me know about the poster too Sexz...
one of the guys I train with is fighting on this card.