Enson Inoue Fighting Tonight

Enson's fighting in Super Brawl 35 in Hawaii tonight. Check out story at starbulletinDOTcom and under "SPORTS" you'll find the "Inoue a relentless fighter" link.

Good luck Enson!!

Go Tom!!!

Trauma's a tough dude, but I gotta go with Enson! I'd love to see him make a full scale comeback into MMA and get back into Pride or UFC.

I predict a submission victory for Mr. Inoue most likely a arm lock.

The card is pretty stacked..

good luck to enson and the rest of the Purebred boys.

ttt for enson!!! And nevermind hijacking the thread make your own tommy fans.

Always cool to see a bradu painting.

watch it live tonight at www.badbreed.tv

Nice artwork!!!


Are you going to do a Tom Sauer print now? If so, I'd like one and am sure many other Florida boys would be interested. I ain't jumping on no bandwagon either. I met Tom through some local shows a while back and the more I get to know him, the more he impresses me, and I'm not talking about his fighting abilities. Great job Tom, we're all proud of you.

-Mike "Blak" Lindskog

p.s. I've always admired your artwork bradu. You are a talented MoFo.