Enson, interesting oppurtunity if you are interest

I was talking to my boss How one of the best places for up and coming fighters was guam with tough guys but not always the oppurtunity to fight outside of guam and represent themselves

I want to send you a mission statement if you are interested. Could be very good for the Guys of Guam

 What do you mean, a mission statement?

I'm working with a global management company thats looking to send fighters to other countries and get fights

they would set you up as a trainer or manager

the rest would be proteammma.com finding the fights for any local boys you want to push

the mission statement is what pro team offers and what its goals are

 What are they offering?

they take 5% so say you take 20%
its 15% for you and 5% for them

they find all the fights

ernesto@proteamMMA.com can really break it down for you

he was very interested in my recomendation of you


 Have him call me or email me.