Enson loses case

Japanese news media reported today that Enson has lost his court case (Yahoo news - http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20041222-00000203-kyodo-soci)

(Loosely translated from yahoo news)

Fighter Enson Inoue (37 years old) got sued by the President of an event company E-Force Japan. E-Force president claimed that Enson beat him up and blackmailed him, so he claimed an amount of 37 000 000 yen for the money and car that was taken.

Enson claimed that that he received the money due to a profit sharing agreement. The judge however ruled against Enson and said that there was no agreement.

The court ruled that Enson needs to pay 27 000 000 yen and return the car to the President.

Enson started the company in 1992, but because he became busy with the fight world, he let the president run the company.

Sorry to hear bout this. Hope Enson is doing ok and maybe gets this appealed


Over 300 views and almost no reactions? Word has it that the President of E-Force is a bit of a liar.

That's around $260,000.

I heard, after the judge had ruled, that the judge continued to speak and then Egan rushed in from outside the courtroom and knocked down the judge.

I heard some dork named Stickman was the stenographer

"E-Force president claimed that Enson beat him up"


Sounds pretty messed up to me.

Stickman: "I heard, after the judge had ruled, that the judge continued to speak and then Egan rushed in from outside the courtroom and knocked down the judge." LMAO..thats funny as hell. I can picture it too.

LOL, stickman beat me to it.

Given Enson's character, I'd tend to believe the other guy.

Enson can make that back in 1 fight easily.

qtip is correct. 27,000,000,000,000,000 yen equals out to what about $180 american?

lmao at stickman

LOL @mad tiger

LOL stickman

Well Enson got in trouble with Shooto for beating up a reporter, so its not like he never beats people up or anything. I'm sure the judge didn't just make up a verdict

What does E-Force do?


"I hope Enson will get this appealed".

Are you a friend of his or something?
What if he did beat up the guy and he said the truth??

I find it truly pathetic to see people being such fan/groupies that it clouds their judgment.

It reminds me of a case in Canada where a famous boxer was accused and later found guilty of raping his own daughters... yet people lined up to see him in court and get autographs!!

Why? 'cuz he's such a great boxer..

That was truly fucked. So please spare us your wanna-be sympathy for Enson. From what I remember, having lived in Tokyo and did BJJ, this sort of thing is not so far-fetched.

Yep, I can see Egan sneaking up to bash the judge! Thats funny stuff!

Takeshi - not a friend of Enson. I don't train at his gym though it isn't that far away from me. We do have mutual friends though. I don't condone the beating up at all.

However, the are two sides to the story, and the president of E-Force (Mr Sakai) is not an angel himself. He's done a lot of shitty things to Enson. E-Force was Ensons baby that he got eventually pushed out of. Foreigners do not have many rights in this country...