Enson, need advice about training


Just a question. I also posted on Brennan's thread just out of curiosity among different styles of fighting and training, but you are the man and Purebred is the place. I have been training weights and cardio to try to get in shape so I can train. It is going slowly but surely. I have lost about 10-12 pounds but have a long way to go. The questions I have are these, to start Vale Tudo, do I need to be absolutley in top shape or can I ease in. In other words, is it straight in the meat grinder or does it start slow like other martial arts classes where I can start out and lose weight and get in shape gradually with skills and progress at a slower pace at first? Also, if I got in my best shape, I would resemble more of an Igor Vovchanchyn build, short and stalky. Is BJJ a good base still or what would be better. Just as an example, I can't triangle many people and can barely close a guard on people that would be around my in shape weight (about 205, man I can't wait to get back there) since I have shorter thick legs. Wrestling seems to be better for me maybe but is pretty hard to find a gym for around here. So what would you suggest once I am ready for training? I can strike better than grapple but what would be a good grappling start for me? Any advice from you is appeciated and very valued. Thanks.

You can do VT sparring anytime. Your level and
condition will only determine the % you can go. I
wouldn't recomend any more than 80%. The best
stlye now is a werstler with good hands and
decent BJJ defense.

Thanks for the advice. I have some friends that roll and spar. Maybe I will just go with them every once in awhile to start out with. Wish there were more wrestling classes around.

Hi Enson,

Just curious, do you still do a fair bit of BJJ or more just defending BJJ (both for your training and training at Purebred)?



start a new thread to get his answer. he may not see this.