Enson, your friend from Canada


I was checking out your Japanese website. What happened to your friend from Canada in those pics? Was that from a streetfight or MMA fight? Is he o.k.?Looks like a tough kid. I did manage to read the Yamato Damashii kanjii next to his picture so he must be tough.

He wanted to do Vale Tudo sparring. I think he's
ok............ He left the next day. He is one tough MF.
No tap.......


Awesome man. Does he train? I may give it a try next time, although I will probably look much worse after.

Bert's words were "Enson kick my ass!"


I think im ok!! or will be in a week or so haha.
thanks for the nice comment Enson!! And thanks for treating me so well, the whole month.

canadiafighter- hope the healing comes quick, you a tough mutha.

I heard about this. Damn canadiafighter you're a crazy mofo.

Sure beats the Inoki slap.