Enson's 42nd Birthday



happy birthday

 I still have an autographed pic on display that Enson sent me.

It says something to the effect of, "He who sheds his blood with me, shall always be my brother..."

Enson is everything a man should be.

Enson gave me the sweatshirt off his back

Total Class Act

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Enson!

 Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!

Enson is the man.

Otanjobi Omedetou!

 Enson's fans are the best!!!  I swear!

 HAPPY Birthday!

happy birthday enson

 Happy B Day you the man I wish they would have gave you a bigger role in Red Belt.

Happy birthday Enson!

 Happy Birthday Enson!!!

HBD Enson!

 Happy Birthday Enson!

 TTT Happy Bday

 happy birthday, enson!