ENTER THE BEAST!!!!! Saturday....

This Saturday Peterec Martial arts Presents ENTER THE BEAST!

Fight order:

Ulisses Castro(shootwrestling) Vs Dan Sevren (USA)

John Alessio(team millenia) VS Brandon Olsen (team Pain Cave)

Chris Peak (team Peterec) VS Shannon Ritch (team Cannon)

Jodey Ingalls (Bart Vale) VS Randy Valarde (millenia)

Mike Jorgensen (team Peterec) VS Donavan Verm (millenia)

Keri Corothers (team Peterec) VS Ginelle Marquez (Victory Athletics)

And 5 action packed Boxing and Kickboxing matches!Should be a great night of fights at the Frank Crane Arena in Nanaimo, B.C. Canada!

Great card!

Best of luck!

If you need a 145 or 155lber for a future card, let me know!

Ivan Menjivar is looking to fight and loves the crowd out west.



TTT for Chris and Ulisses....

Definitely looking forward to seeing these fights.

nice...I'll be sittin' ring side...well almost. Lookin forward to it. What time will the first fight be startin'? and its assigned seating for the good seats right? I got the $40 ones.

Haha, cool, I never knew there were people in the Nanaimo-area on this board. I don't really post in the Canada forum, just usually troll.

Anyways, my and my buddy are gonna be there too. Just gonna grab some tix at the door, hopefully there will be some left.

Last time I saw Dan Severn here in Nanaimo was at an ECCW pro-wrestling show a couple years back when he took on Doink The Clown.

Should be a good show

I look forward to taking in the action.

who are the boxers that r fighting could someone list them?


I enter shows all over the world.
but one I hope we get invited too next time is this
Congrats to Stan and Chris I love you guys.

Shawn Tompkins.

Don't ever forget Team Tompkins. We're your best friends.

Team Tompkins....

Van Funk, I don't actually live in Nanaimo, I am rollin' over from White Rock, but I am dating a girl that is going to school in Nanaimo, so seemed like a perfect excuse to come visit. See you at the show.

Arnold, nice to hear your gonna be at the show. We have met on a few occasions at the WFF events. I judge at all their shows. I think at the last event me, you and Stephane shared a table across from the ring girls. I'll keep an eye out for you at the show.

Get'em Peak, and good luck to everyone!!!

"Last time I saw Dan Severn here in Nanaimo was at an ECCW pro-wrestling show a couple years back when he took on Doink The Clown."

Who won?

bart vale?!?! who the fuck learns about mma and thinks "man, I gotta start taining with THAT guy!"?

TTT for the fights.

I can't wait to see Ulisses Castro VS Dan Severn again. I'll be going down to see these fights. I have $40.00 ticket as well and I am sitting in the third row.

TTT for Chris Peak, John Alessio and Jody Ingalls.

Cool, is this going to be put on tape/DVD???

** Who won?

Dan Severn stretched Doink The Clown for the submission victory to keep his NWA World Heavyweight championship. :)


damn, i misread the title and got all excited...thought you were soliciting sex with severn...oh well. next time

results are here: Sorry they are late but i was judging and had to wait to get back home to my computer 500 miles away.

Fight 1: Kickboxing

Paul beauieu wins decision over Bill Lawson

Fight 2: MMA

Baz Cunninghah wins over Ben Green
2nd round rear naked

Fight 3: MMA

Donavan Vrem wins over Michael Jorgensen
4th round submission armlock

Fight 4: MMA

Randy Velarde wins over Jody Ingalls
RSC 2nd round knee injury

Fight #5: MMA

Shannon Ritch wins over Chris Peak
1st round heel hook

Fight #6: MMA

Ginele Marqure wins over Keri Crothers
2nd round arm submission

Fight #7: Boxing

Willy Curry wins over Marcels Aravena
RSC/TKO round 1

Fight #8: MMA

John Alessio wins over Brandon Olsen
Round 1 armbar

Fight #9: MMA

Ulisses Castro wins over Dan Severn
RSC round 3 injury

The event had about 2500 in attendance and was a very well put together show and was well enjoyed by all. Congrats to Stan Peterec for a great quality event.