Entered In Weightlifting Comp Sat.

About 3 months ago an old droog of mine phoned and said he wanted to find a weightlifting event to enter.
Droog's name is "Buck", age 57, 5'10", 178, age group 50 - 59, 100 and 200 meter Michigan sprint champ. Great athlete. Went to HS together, he was a senior when I was a frosh and same/same @ Mich. State.

I dusted off the olympic set and found a meet near Columbus, Ohio scheduled for tommorow.

The meet is drug tested and offers powerlifting (bench, deadlift & squat) and "power-sports" (strict curl, deadlift & bench with no wraps or any gear that supports or assists).

Anyway, we are competing in the power-sports the strict curl and the bench. The strict curl utilizes an "EZ Curl Bar".

We are leaving at 4 a.m. tomorrow, lifting then slamming brews afterwards.

I have not competed in any weightlifting stuff in about 20 years so I'm feeling pretty pumped.

I'm checking in at about 235 now and plan on dropping about 10 or 15 after the meet. I feel like a freakin' bull at that weight but at my age it is not cool for the ole ticker. Besides my old lady told me that when I can see my dick again she would be happy to take a look at it also! LOL!

have fun!

Good luck Walter!

lmao.. man, best of luck!

ya never know, if you prove your place in the pack the lady just might be willing to sniff around even if you can see her doing it!

Why does a "strict curl" use an EZ curl bar? See if they will let you rock your upper body too. LOL!

So you haven't been lifting at all and you are gonna compete? I'd be afraid I'd pop a tendon off the bone or something. I actually dusted off my olympic set the other day and made myself sore doing light lifts. Good luck!


I hadn't benched in 12 years until 3 mos. ago but I always stayed true to me heavy dumb-bell curls throughout the years. I don't expect to get much more than 320 in the bench. My shoulders ache for days after I try and go heavy.

The EZ curl bar is merciful on the wrists and elbows but the plates weigh the same either way. What makes it a strict curl is the lifter cannot use any hip motion, swing movement, movement of the feet, etc. to assist the curl/lift. I can curl the world when I cheat but under the "strict curl" guidelines I am hoping to get a 160 or so which would be near the top of the list for my age and weight in a drug tested event.



Good luck and have fun!

Have fun Walt!

160 on a strict curl is insane! Good luck!

thats my body weight... well, almost.
i wanna hear the results as soon as you are done man..

Just stumbled in the front door twenty minutes ago. Our "desingated" driver missed the I-75 north turn and we ended up staying on I-70 west until we hit Indianapolis - LOL! We had about a 700 mile trip from Detroit to Columbus to Indianapolis to Detroit!

Anyway, I think I tied the American drug tested record in the curl at my age and weight with a 160. At least that is what the meet organizer said. My bench suck as I only got a 303. My shoulder hurts too freakin' much for me to bench heavy any longer.

Had a great time blasting oldies on the CD player all the way there and back.

I'm dropping down to 215 - 220 in the next month.

Great job Osae! Truly an inspiration to us who constantly make excuses for not competing.

Walter is a powerhouse!

oh my friggin.... 160 lbs curl.. lmao.. thats insanity. congrats walt.. you are a frigin bull!


Yeah buddy, that victory buzz is a jones that is a blast to revisit.

In re: my shoulders - they have never been repaired from numerous separations over the decades via judo. Couple powerlifting comps years ago on top of that and they tend to throb when I try and bench for singles and doubles. Oddly, curling does not seem to affect them.

Hey, I betcha you are a bitch-in-a-half at lifting. Are you doing any conventional lifts? How is the judo coming along?

Josh/Brad, Bullshit! You guys are the real powerhouses!!!!

JacketWrestler, Appreciate your words, thanks.

Marie, Paw, Punk, Sticky - thank you!

Nope, a 160 curl is a powerhouse. I'm only good at curling 12oz cans.

Great stuff Walt!  Thanks for sharing.