Entertain me!!!!!!!!

I'm sitting here reading tech stuff inbetween
studying for my Social Psych test tomorrow.

there's like nothing new on the ITGround....

entertain me, bitches!!!!

Yeah, this place is getting dull. I was entertained today by looking at ram prices. In December I built this rig and at that time I bought samsung pc3200 for $98Cdn and I wanted to order some today and noticed that prices had gone up to 157 for the exact same stick of ram. WTF is that???? 60% increase in 4 months!

You entertained yet, you muthafucka?

I hate you all, except cajones.

The rest of us have jobs we can't entertain you all day!!! That's what working world is like.

yep, ram prices went to hell, pretty shitty

can u type with ur dick?

On FreeBSD, install:


Start your X windows display and run:

oneko -bsd -fg black -bg red &

The little BSD deamon appears, chases your mouse cursor and stabs it with his fork. This provides hours of entertainment for me.