Entire Portland police riot squad resigns following indictment of officer


I’m shocked more cops haven’t lateraled OUT of that PD.

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Good let that shit hole burn


Did they actually quit their jobs? As in now seeking new employment? Or did they just symbolicaly “resign” some project?

It is probably an extra duty situation - so they are still cops doing their regular shifts, but not riot control.

Lol classic. So a virtual signal……

Not really - when a situation arises when normally you would send in the unit of specialty trained officers, who are trained and equipped to deal with the situation you will not have a team to send.

it’s not symbolic, “virtual”, nor a virtue signal. additional ops gets additional pay. it’s like being in SWAT, CERT, or whatever various statewide alphabet soup counts as a specialized weapons, critical incident, etc group, usually comprised of members of multiple agencies.

they’re saying “fuck the additional pay, i’m not going to have molotov cocktails and bricks thrown at me anymore just to get shit on by half the country and all of the media every night.”

survive the night GIF by THE PURGE: ANARCHY

Yeah it’s just like how they were going to “turn in their badges” over red flag laws.

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