EPA is a bunch of scumbags

They’ve been going on a rampage since right after Trump got in. It appears the were in fear of losing funding and went nuts on the aftermarket auto industry. They are fining the fuck out of people for just selling equipment, not even installing it. Mom and pop shops are literally being destroyed over this bullshit. A friend of mine was literally fined 5 MILLION DOLLARS for tuning cars. Not to mention, cars left his shop running cleaner than when they arrived. So in short, the EPA can suck my dick.

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I’d be afraid of being the guy that fines people. You know one day you go to work and say to yourself that you’ll just hand out a few million dollars fines and go home and drink a beer.

On the other end you have a guy that is working very hard to survive. He has sunk his life’s savings into this business and my fine will sink him. One day a guy is going to snap and he will take all his rage off on the pencil neck regulator.

I wish the farmers would catch those Monsanto guys snooping on their property and bury them in the field as opposed to getting sued for some bs patent lawsuit


The same EPA that said downtown Manhattan was safe after 9/11?

Oh no, OP. Those are fine people. Wonderful folk. Trust them!

While I to think this happens or will happen the fact is the busy body bureaucrats of society rarely get dealt with.

Yeah I can’t believe they tried to shut down the containment unit letting all the ghosts out.

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They didn’t know they were selling illegal items?

EPA has been handing out get out of jail free cards to refineries. It doesn’t make sense that they would be going hardcore due to Trump, should be the other way around. I thought the former Exxon CEO was appointed head of the EPA?

They’re not really illegal. The EPA is calling them “defeat devices”, but they’re really not. They’re just devices you use to load calibrations or change parameters, and the primary function is pretty much never to defeat emissions equipment. It’s a stupid ass rule, and all it does is punish small business while ignoring things that could actually help the environment.

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What I said was what I was told by people who were directly dealing with the EPA. :man_shrugging:

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